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What About Us?

AM Computers About

Founded in 2000, AM Computers (AMPC) has been serving the Basin longer than any other IT business and we are a leading technology company specializing in managed and co-managed IT services that serves small and medium-sized businesses. AMPC offers outsourced IT services that ensure our client’s network uptime performance, data security, business continuity and overall office productivity. We function as your true partner, becoming an extension of your business. AMPC begins a relationship by performing a comprehensive analysis where we review your existing network, hardware and software to identify critical business processes, pain points and vulnerabilities, and perform a security review to determine your business risks. We then develop a Technology Plan that includes a detailed Statement of Work detailing how we will accomplish your IT objectives and align with your long-term business goals. We have the technical resources and experience to do things right.

What We Stand For

"A chain is only as strong as the weakest link", computers are the same, they are only as good as it's weakest part.

Unfortunately, A major part of the computer manufactures and builders trade high quality for the cheapest cost. AM Computers has researched each individual component used in their custom computers, and their compatibility with each other, to provide the best quality system for the best price.

Because AM Computers takes such care and concern for it's computers they can offer their customers a three year warranty on a new system unlike anybody else.

Certifications & Partners

  • AMD Primer Partner
  • CERTIFIED "Microsoft System Builder"
  • INTEL Premier Provider
  • ABIT Partner
  • ATI Partner
  • Imation Partner
  • Lite-On Partner
  • TrippLite Partner
  • Hitachi Partner
  • Altec Partner
  • Lansing Partner
  • SMS (POS Software "QuickSell") Partner
  • ViewSonic Partner